Java Trends 2021

by Anna B.
by Anna B.
Business Analyst
14 Jul 2021
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Is Java still relevant in 2021? Statistics prove it to be! Java is still in the top 5 most used programming languages in the world. 40,2% of developers specialize in this technology. If you are one of them, read this article to be aware of the latest Java development trends.



Java SE 15: a More Modern And Convenient Version Will Gain Popularity


A new release of the Java development kit by Oracle came out in 2020. And in 2021, it is going to gain popularity. Developers will appreciate the following new features:

  • Hidden classes. They are intended for frameworks that create classes dynamically at runtime and use them indirectly with the help of reflection. They can be needed for a limited amount of time. Therefore, it would be not rational to store them for the lifetime of a statically generated class. This can increase the amount of memory excessively. Moreover, dynamically generated classes are impossible to detect. Finding such classes by name would be detrimental because it undermines their purpose to be an implementation detail of a statically generated class.
  • Text blocks. After two previews in JDK 13 and 14, this feature has been finally released. Text blocks automatically format strings in a predictable way. This makes code reading easier and more convenient. But if the standard option offered by the feature is not enough, a developer can take over the formatting.
  • Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. This is a modern elliptic curve signature scheme. It has better performance than other existing versions with the same security level.



Spring Framework: Fast and Easy Development Is Always In Trend


This is one of the most commonly used Java frameworks for faster and easier development of applications back-end. It is going to keep on gaining popularity in 2021. Developers all over the world choose it thanks to the following advantages:

  • Modular structure. This allows engaging only those modules that a developer needs for the particular application and omitting those that he obviously will not use. This approach helped Spring to bypass its competitor, EJB, and seize the leadership. Applications created using EJB were full of extra dependencies. This is not typical for products developed based on Spring.
  • Maximum simplification and acceleration of the development process. Sometimes it is enough to write a couple of dozen lines of configs, write a couple of classes, and a working project is ready! The framework will do the rest instead of a programmer. Making the same project on sockets and net Java without any frameworks would probably take 10 times longer.



Serverless Architecture: Focusing Only On Development


This is the method of developing apps without having to manage infrastructure. Serverless services providers (like Amazon, Google, Microsoft) assume this task. A developer does not have to deal with scaling and maintaining servers. So, they can focus only on the development process.

Serverless Architecture


How to Track Java Trends?


To always keep being a demanded specialist, you need to be aware of all new trends. Of course, it can be challenging to monitor them constantly, but this is the right way to succeed. Here are some tips on how to be the first to know about popular trends and innovations concerning this programming language:



Which Versions of Java Are Most Used?


Oddly enough, the most frequently used version by commercial companies in 2021 is still 8, released back in 2014. Such high popularity of such an old version can be explained by the fact that it is used to support large and long-running projects once written using it. Updating the platform is a rather laborious process that requires serious financial investments and a lot of time. Therefore, many companies find it easier and more rational to maintain products based on older versions than to upgrade to new ones. But, as for new products, they are most often developed with newer versions of this programming language.



Javascript Trends 2021 by JoinSoft


Our programmers monitor the latest innovations and master the most popular technologies. Moreover, our outsourcing IT company ensures:

  • An individual approach that allows us to deliver the best solution that corresponds to your business needs.
  • Flexible cooperation terms for finding the most convenient way to collaborate.
  • Competitive pricing policy and discussing the precise budget depending on a particular case.



Final Thoughts About Java Trends 2021


So, what is trending in Java in 2021? Here are 3 things that are at the peak of popularity:

  1. The latest innovations. The 15th version of the Java development kit will become more commonly used this year as it has some new useful and interesting features.
  2. Quick and simple development process. Actually, it is unlikely to ever go out of style. In 2021, programmers will keep on using the Spring framework for making apps in just a few dozens of code lines.
  3. Serverless architecture. The current level of competition on the market requires creating really cool and outstanding projects. And this is possible only subject to the absolute concentration on the development process without being distracted by other tasks. This technology is the best way to reach this goal. Using it, programmers no longer need to disintegrate their focus on other processes besides development, such as server setting up and maintaining.


Now you know which Java technology is in demand in 2021. And so do our developers!

Our experienced professionals who are improving their skills constantly can create customized software using the latest trends in Java development.



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