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Get a tailored solution for your online travel service or hospitality business. Power up your business with the extensive IT expertise we provide.

Custom Software Development For Travel

We have extensive experience in developing custom apps and complete software solutions for companies working in travel and hospitality industries.
We use the latest technologies, enabling your business to accept online and mobile payments and analyze consumer preferences.
Your customers will be able to explore destinations and hotel rooms online, make reservations and read guides and reviews.
Our team can integrate your existing systems with any business platform you may use.

Travel and Hospitality Industries

Travel Software Solutions

JoinSoft offers custom-made solutions to service your end-customers directly and let them enjoy their traveling experience with your multifunctional and easy-to-use services:
Advanced Solutions
We offer advanced software solutions to both travel agencies and travel companies working in direct contact with their clients.
CRM Integration
We can integrate your solution with a CRM to let you provide your clients with custom offers and track their destinations and personal preferences.
Booking Applications
Our software developers can design in-house or cloud-based booking applications to let your clients easily book your services on the go.
POS Software
We can also equip your service with Point-of-Sale (POS) software as well as order management systems that integrate with your accounting software.
Mobile Apps
As many people now search for travel offers and services on the go, we can develop a mobile app with in-app purchases and search capabilities.
Extended Functionality
You can also choose to integrate your travel or hospitality app with various online guides, travel review portals and other online platforms.

Provide Hospitality Software Development Services

Modern-day consumers are asking for tailored service, especially frequent travelers who want to extend their preferences over multiple destinations.
We can help you track your customers’ preferences and search queries and integrate a CRM solution to offer truly individualized service to your clients.
We equip your software with functionality to offer loyalty programs and welcome bonuses to please both existing and prospect customers.
We can connect your software to systems such as Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport, which allow you to track demand and prices for destinations worldwide and boost your sales.

Travel & Hospitality Software Development

JoinSoft has expertise to assist you in building complex tourist portals or review guides that easily integrate with booking systems.
We can build a dedicated business-to-customer or business-to-business solution that provides valuable travel information and offers on-click booking functionality.
Our team can build a property management system that offers features such as central reservations from a single desk, personnel management and various guest services.
We can assist restaurant managers by implementing order management systems that also comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Attract and Engage Customers on Mobile

You need Possibility to use your services on the go and to search for local places of interest using only the mobile device
We offer Travel & hospitality app that offers all these functions and runs on Android or iOS mobile operating systems
Additional features
in-app payments push notifications geolocation services search filters planning feedback & recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hotel software development?

The application of the hospitality software development services guarantees and ensures the clarity of customer service and establishes control over the actions of the service personnel and reduces costs. Management of a hotel or mini-hotel based on innovative technologies and software will allow the business owner to reach a new level of service delivery and provide new opportunities for the prosperity of your business.

When you need travel software development?

Travel portal software development company allows you to implement a set of tasks. Performance of these tasks is a high level of work and quality service. Automation of the hotel services system allows you to modernize the entire range of hotel services, increase the speed of information processing and the level of automation of manual labor, reduce the likelihood of errors, which affects the quality of reporting. And for the leadership there is a rich layer of material for analyzing business processes.

  • Travel portal software development makes it possible to improve the full range of services and increase the rate of data processing and the degree of coordination of personnel actions,
  • Travel portal software development automating manual labor reduces the possibility of errors, which is displayed in the quality of reporting.

Process of travel software development

As in any other project, the process of our work begins with filling out the form on the website, after the chosen form of cooperation is fixed in the contract (the form of cooperation can be outstaffing – where the customer interacts directly with the team, or outsourcing – where the team is formed according to the requirements customer). After that, the timing is agreed (the timing of the order depends on the volume of work and full understanding of the customer, what should be the result) after communication with PM and an important stage of the process itself begins from:

  • Analysis
    the first stage of software development is an analysis of the customer’s requirements.
  • Design
    The next stage in software development is the design stage, that is, modeling the future product.
  • Coding
    The next step is to work with the code based on the programming language.
  • Implementation
    implementation of travel industry software solutions into operation is the final stage of development and, as a rule, occurs together with system debugging.

Travel agency software solutions by JoinSoft

We travel agency software solutions guarantees you:

  • Complete security of the customer’s intellectual property;
  • For large projects, we can offer a 14-day test period for our team after signing the contract;
  • Complete security of the customer’s intellectual property;
  • We offer a wide stack of technologies;
  • On projects up to 3-4 months we offer free technical support. support up to 1 month;
  • On large projects (from 6 months) – support up to 3 months.

How to order hospitality software development services?

If you want to use the hotel software development service in JoinSoft choose:

  1. Check out the information provided;
  2. Сlick on the “Contact Us” button which will be displayed in the menu at the top or bottom of the screen;
  3. Fill in the form and wait to be contacted by a JoinSoft specialist.

What you get ordering travel & hospitality software development?

When ordering a product from JoinSoft, you will receive:

  • A system that has a convenient and intuitive interface;
  • The structure of the software complex quickly pays for itself and is self-sufficient, which can serve customers in any category;
  • The user-friendly interface of the program allows you to quickly train personnel, quickly and efficiently serve customers, as well as to work with the program requires minimal computer knowledge at the user level;
  • We create high-load applications that meet financial security requirements and are easy to use at the same time. improve the safety of work through the use of video surveillance and other systems;
  • Daily communication between the product owner and the team provides flexibility and ensures transparency of all processes during the collaboration for the client.