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Get a tailored solution for your online education or eLearning service. Power up your business with the extensive IT expertise we provide.

Extensive Experience in Education Software Development

We have extensive experience in developing custom apps and complete software solutions for companies providing online education and eLearning services.
We provide personalized experiences on multiple digital platforms and through various online channels.
Our team of developers can integrate your website or software with any business platform you may use.
JoinSoft builds and designs solutions for both large and small online educators with any educational purpose.

Advanced Education & eLearning Software Solutions

Designing an excellent eLearning platform is very challenging, as you need to implement various interactive elements. Before that, you need to evaluate and develop detailed scenarios for your eLearning process.
We help you take your eLearning experience to the next level, offering complete solutions for online education.
Instructional design
Mobile learning
Interactive engagement
Data security
Availability to people with disabilities
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Get Machine Learning Software Development

Static learning systems are well-received among a new generation of online learners who are looking for interactive platforms that provide round-the-clock access.
You need
Instant and continuous access for your tutors and students to course content, materials, scoring and student performance functionality
Functionality that enables students to access courses offline as many learners come from places with unstable Internet connection
We offer
Custom learning platforms that provide all and any of the above features and is also tailored to your specific area of online education
Interactive solutions either for universities offering master’s degrees online or eLearning companies providing a wide range of certification courses

Take Advantage of Modern eLearning Software Development Techniques

We understand that you need more than an interactive eLearning tool that is accessible anytime and from anywhere.
Gamification techniques and personalization of learning materials
to help your students stay concentrated and motivated throughout the entire process of completing an online course.
Designing of learning scenarios with our professional team
to take into account the experience of your target audiences, give credits and adjust the learning journey based on real-life experience and professional background.
Possibility to use different types of educational content
to create unforgettable learning experiences with the help of different content formats such as audio, text, photo & video, AR &VR.

Flexible Learning Software Development Systems & Innovative Technologies

We analyze and take into account the latest trends in consumer motivation, which in turn enables you to offer highly successful courses in any field.
We use machine learning algorithms to provide tailored learning experience and extend functionality of your eLearning solution, connecting it to third-party software.
AR, VR & IoT
Embedding AR, VR and Internet of Things capabilities into your online educational app or website will make you stand out compared to competitors.
After developing and implementing your modern online educational platform, we support and enhance it over time to reflect new trends in eLearning.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you need eLearning software development services?

The online education industry is growing rapidly. It becomes more and more popular each year because it offers an opportunity for affordable online education e to all people regardless of their location or health condition.

Thus, online courses are a very lucrative business niche as millions of people worldwide are eager to obtain valuable knowledge and skills from the comfort of their homes. However, to make your online courses effective, popular, and profitable, you need to have multifunctional and user-friendly eLearning software solutions.

Process of providing IT services for education

Online education platform development includes the following stages:

  1. Requirements gathering. We analyze your needs and make the list of features and properties the software should have.
  2. Designing and prototyping. We make a product concept, approving it with a client.
  3. Development. We create a working version of a product.
  4. Testing. We make sure that there are neither bugs or nor incompliance with requirements.
  5. Support. We maintain a product post go-live

Education software development services by Joinsoft

  • We work with educational institutions of any scale. Whether this is a large university or a small private college online — we collaborate with educators that offer quality content. We can offer a suitable solution for any case.
  • We use AR, VR, IOT, and machine learning for software development. Due to these high-end technologies, we create online courses platforms based on robust software for the most effective education process optimization.
  • Our eLearning software development company offers a wide range of technologies to make an online education process well-organized, user-friendly, easily accessible, and engaging. We use interactive elements, gamification, adapt the project to and mobile devices.
  • We have a team of strong developers, designers, and analysts with 5 years of experience and more. Therefore, we provide professional IT services for educational vertical.

What you get ordering education software development services?

Ordering our eLearning software development services you receive:

  • Individual approach. As a result, you get customized software that meets all your needs and requirements.
  • Timely delivery. We understand that it is important for you to have the result on time. Therefore, we meet deadlines.
  • Flexible pricing policy. We estimate the budget of a particular project depending on its complexity, the number of specialists required, and the preferred terms of the delivery.
  • NDA compliance. We sign an NDA with a client if it is needed. 

Intellectual property rights transfering. All the intellectual property rights for a ready-made product will belong solely to you.