Application Re-engineering Services

We improve the performance, agility and scalability of your applications and then enhance their interface and user experience through app re-engineering.
Code Review
You save your money and time getting professional code review to make your outdated or legacy application be optimized for better performance and stability.
Our team of developers can re-code your app to make it fit for integration with other systems, as well as we can change the app architecture while keeping the core app logic.
Migration / Compatibility
We can migrate your outdated core apps and databases to the cloud or refactor the code to make them compatible with modern platforms and latest technologies.
J oinSoft developers use modern programming languages and enable your software to communicate with cutting-edge online services. You have brand-new business software you actually know perfectly.
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Advantages Of Software Re-engineering Services

Reduce costs and mitigate risks
App development from scratch is always more expensive and also bears more risks as opposed to re-writing of existing code.
Expand app capabilities
You can add various and multiple new features during re-engineering of software.
Make an app more flexible
App developers can refine the system functionality and increase flexibility to adapt app performance to current business goals.
Get faster apps
Code and database optimization and modernization result in faster application performance.
Process more data
After the re-engineering your app will be able to handle larger volumes of data in a faster period of time.

Optimization of Your App

We Use

The process of re-engineering involves many procedures to make your software relevant in a fast changing technological environment and retain the core business logic at the same time.
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The entire process includes:
  • Translation of the source code into a modern programming language
  • Database reorganization or migration
  • Optimization of the software architecture
  • Implementation of new functionality
  • Integration of your app with third-party APIs to make it compatible with various networked or online platforms.

Main Stages of
Re-engineering Process

We perform in-depth assessment of current code and UI/UX design.
Developers test and identify software bugs and outdated code sections.
We perform complete programming language update and code refactoring.
Our engineers make improvements to the database and enhance user interface.
We change the product’s architecture to utilize latest technologies and refine existing processes.

Why Choose Our Application Re-engineering Services

We examine your outdated business apps and legacy software as deeply as possible.
Our developers provide you with a re-engineered app that fully reflects your business objectives and processes.
We easily identify bugs and make improvements that will really boost your app efficiency and performance.
JoinSoft focuses on easy-to-use and visually appealing UI and UX design concepts.
We use leading programming languages to refactor your source code for better performance and security.
We implement the modernized app seamlessly and without interrupting your business operations.