Blockchain and cryptocurrency development services

We help you benefit from distributed ledgers, private blockchains and use of smart contracts that reshape the way you are doing business.

Why we choose GOLANG?

JoinSoft provides custom blockchain development with the help of the programming language Golang (GO) used by our blockchain developers to create decentralized systems.
The Go language does not need thousands lines of programming code to build a complex blockchain app, that simplifies app maintenance and enables easier code extension.
fast data processing
Blockchain systems need to process a large number of cryptographic calculations and store large volumes of data on the distributed ledger, so simple and fast GO is an advantageous language.

Blockchain Software Development Services

JoinSoft team offers you blockchain consulting services before you launch your project.
We prototype and test a custom solution to enhance your operational efficiency and then move to the development process.
We perform various tests to make sure your blockchain solution is working as intended and then deploy it within your IT environment.
Our developers pay attention to UI/UX to create pleasant experience for your end-users.
We can help you in designing and optimizing self-executing smart contracts that can automate any process.
Blockchain platforms we are experts in

Where You Can Use Blockchain Technology

You can use blockchain technology across any industry as decentralized systems bring advantages to every business that deals with:
Money transfers
Intellectual property rights
Digital identities
W e support you in implementing cryptocurrency wallets or placing an ICO to fund your startup using the blockchain technology.
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Advantages of Blockchain Development for Business Growth

Blockchain disrupts many business models across many industries but any business is able to benefit from certain blockchain advantages regardless of your industry.
You get better security since every transaction is agreed in advance and then it is stored across a network of computing devices.
Transactions on the blockchain are much more traceable and you know every step of a product or service delivered using blockchain.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which translates into greater transparency of transactions.
Eliminates middlemen and introduces smart contracts that self-execute when certain conditions are met.