Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development Services

We help you benefit from distributed ledgers, private blockchains and use of smart contracts that reshape the way you are doing business.

Why we choose GOLANG?

JoinSoft provides custom blockchain development with the help of the programming language Golang (GO) used by our blockchain developers to create decentralized systems.
The Go language does not need thousands lines of programming code to build a complex blockchain app, that simplifies app maintenance and enables easier code extension.
fast data processing
Blockchain systems need to process a large number of cryptographic calculations and store large volumes of data on the distributed ledger, so simple and fast GO is an advantageous language.

Blockchain Software Development Services

JoinSoft team offers you blockchain consulting services before you launch your project.
We prototype and test a custom solution to enhance your operational efficiency and then move to the development process.
We perform various tests to make sure your blockchain solution is working as intended and then deploy it within your IT environment.
Our developers pay attention to UI/UX to create pleasant experience for your end-users.
We can help you in designing and optimizing self-executing smart contracts that can automate any process.
Blockchain platforms we are experts in

Where You Can Use Blockchain Technology

You can use blockchain technology across any industry as decentralized systems bring advantages to every business that deals with:
Money transfers
Intellectual property rights
Digital identities
W e support you in implementing cryptocurrency wallets or placing an ICO to fund your startup using the blockchain technology.
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Advantages of Blockchain Development for Business Growth

Blockchain disrupts many business models across many industries but any business is able to benefit from certain blockchain advantages regardless of your industry.
You get better security since every transaction is agreed in advance and then it is stored across a network of computing devices.
Transactions on the blockchain are much more traceable and you know every step of a product or service delivered using blockchain.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which translates into greater transparency of transactions.
Eliminates middlemen and introduces smart contracts that self-execute when certain conditions are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development?

Cryptocurrency exchange software development is a complex creative process, which usually results in developing beneficial and profit-oriented solutions for modern business.
In a few words, this is the process of creating a user-friendly, easy-to-use instrument for exchanging one of the traditional currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) into any type of crypto.
This software also can help to exchange different types of cryptocurrencies one for another.

When You Need Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services?

Most often, you may need to order crypto exchange development services in case if you plan to sell any kind of products for:

1. Bitcoin
2. Litecoin
3. Ethereum
4. Stellar
5. NEO
6. And other cryptos

In some instances, you might require the help of our cryptocurrency software development company when you want to create a simple virtual currency exchange service.

Generally, you might built-in or use our products literally anywhere. It all depends on your own needs, wishes and creativity.

Working Process When Getting Our Crypto Exchange Development Services

If you’d like to order our services, just go through those five simple steps. Don’t be shy to get our crypto development company help, you need only to:

1. Formulate your task or ideas. Better in written form.
2. Contact one of our project managers.
3. Deliver your tasks and ideas to our team members.
4. Agree on all related details.
5. Wait for the end of the development process.

You will get weekly reports to observe the work process. And in case of any misunderstandings, questions, or other issues feel free to contact your project manager. Also, it’s straightforward that without crypto exchange development services most Internet users can’t switch one currency to another.

How to Use Our Cryptocurrency Software Development Calculator

You may try to calculate the approximate price of your project with our unique calculator. All you have to do is:

1. Choose general specifications for your projects in the first table.
2. ick up the most suitable development duration time.
3. Add your contacts and any additional info.
4. We will send you the approximate price in your email.

It’s important to understand that in some instances our cryptocurrency software development company managers might ask you a few additional questions about the further projects before starting a development process.

How to Order Crypto Development Services?

If you have any additional questions or any advice – please, contact us as soon as possible. You might get in touch with us via one of the following ways:

Via email: [email protected]
Feedback form
Via mobile: +1 (650) 460 3213

In case of any issues with the internet or mobile connection, our company managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

What You Get Cooperating with Joinsoft Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company?

Well, everything depends on each client’s requirements, needs, and wishes. For example, the final product might look like this:

1. An app
2. A website
3. A web plug-in
4. A program code
5. Any type of unique digital program feature

In any case, before the product release, we will send you the final version of our work, and make all proper corrections, in case if you need any.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact us, if you get any additional ideas regarding our future collaboration. Our programmers, managers, designers, and other team members will do their best to embody all your wishes and needs into your project.