Startups and Innovation

Outsourcing Software Development for Startups

Get a tailored solution for your startup or let our team develop and implement innovations within your existing IT infrastructure.

Business Development IT Services With Joinsoft

We help you innovate and grow your business all the way from collection requirements through software development to post-release support.
Our software developers use the latest technologies available, helping your startup business avoid mistakes in software development and implementation.
We develop innovative solutions for startups but also integrate your website or software with any business platform you may use.

Starting Up Businesses

Working Solutions for IT Services for Startups

If you are not an IT startup with access to tech specialists in-house, you definitely need assistance with custom-made apps and software.
We help you build your technology from the very start and then provide support after the product release.
We provide you with a feasible solution that does not break the bank, because we have expertise in startup projects.
Our team can help you materialize innovative ideas for which you are lack of the required resources to complete.
P ower up your starting up business with the extensive IT expertise we provide.
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A to Z Software Development Service for Startups

You need A common mistake by startup founders is to neglect the implementation of custom-made IT solutions.
Most off-the-shelf software does not offer customization capabilities you need and your customers deserve.
Moreover, your business grows and develops over time and customer demands and preferences change fast.
We offer That is why JoinSoft is offering development services that cover the entire process of creating and maintaining a working software solution or website.
We offer startups a comprehensive service that starts with analytics and requirements identification and only then go to software architecture and UX/UI design.
We start the process of software development and implementation, and finally quality assurance testing takes place.
After we deploy your website or software application, we offer continuous maintenance and enhancements.

IT Outsourcing For Startups

Our engineers are ready to help you with implementing innovative solutions that involve cutting-edge technologies such as
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Machine & Deep Learning
Internet of Things (IoT) System JoinSoft can develop interactive apps that connect your businesses with customers using wearable devices or smart technologies embedded into home and office appliances.

Reduce Costs and Focus on Growing Your Startup

There are startups backed up by multinationals or multi-billion funds. Most startups, however, do not enjoy the support of healthy investors before they reach the stage of Series A funding rounds.
We take the burden of IT development off your shoulders by offering affordable software development, software integration and software support services to your startup for you to focus on growing your core business.
We also provide you with the IT expertise and combined years of experience very few startups can afford at the start of their journey to the market.
With our developers and designers being experienced in implementing various software solutions in multiple industries, you get a service that can assist you in your specific market niche, not just a general business software solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is software development for startups?

Custom software development for startups is creating applications or websites for business. These apps help companies promote and keep in touch with the target audience. You do not have to search for and hire an in-house team of designers, programmers, and testers. Our company offers outsourcing software development for startups. Thus, you save your budget and time.

IT outsourcing for startups gives an opportunity to build software that fully meets your and your customers’ needs and requirements. Moreover, it ideally corresponds to the specificity of your business processes.

When you need software development company for startups?

If you’re beginning your business development, IT services are what you should start with. You can order creating of:

  • a website for promoting your business;
  • a mobile app for your customers to make orders;
  • desktop software for business management.

Whatever you need, our company knows how to provide you with the best solution! We offer affordable rates, flexible terms of cooperation, and an individual approach to pricing depending on your needs, deadlines, and the choice of technologies.

Process of providing software development services for startups

Software development services for startups include the following stages:

  • Analysis of your business.
  • Defining software requirements.
  • Designing and building prototypes.
  • Making a working version of an IT product.
  • Testing and bug fixing.
  • Further support.

In addition, development services for startups may include improvements of a ready-made product. As your business grows, and the needs of customers change, you might need to add more features to an existing application. Our team of professionals can implement them for you.