Mobile app development

Mobile App Development Company

We enable your teams and customers to do business on the go by unleashing the power of mobile applications on Android and iOS.
Professional expertise
We perform professional project assessment and suggest the best approach: native / hybrid / cross-platform app development.
Individual approach
We take into account wanted UX / UI design, time resources, your budget, delivery time and future maintenance options.
You get your project made by the team of app developers each of whom has over 5 years of experience building apps for Android and iOS systems.

Mobile Application Web Development Approaches

Native Applications
Native mobile apps run directly on an operating system such as Android or iOS and are built in the programming language and frameworks delivered by the platform owner.
Faster runtime performance.
Access device APIs directly.
Cross-Platform Applications
Cross-platform mobile apps use different programming languages and frameworks but in the end they run directly on the operating system of the device, after compilation of the programming code.
Multiple platforms use single code base.
Easy app building and maintenance.
Hybrid-Web Applications
Hybrid mobile apps use standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 to build app installation packages. Hybrid apps run on a “web container” as opposed to native apps.
Web and mobile apps share the same code.
Easy to build by web developers.
D o you need to create a mobile application? You can work with a single developer or engage a dedicated team of developers working exclusively on your mobile app.

Mobile Application Development

Tools We Use

Java Swift React Native Objective-C Xamarin
Leading frameworks
We use the leading frameworks, so your app will run smoothly on the latest versions. But also we provide backward compatibility to let your clients use older Android and iOS versions.
Reduced cost
We come up with a software development plan to think all the details over before development process starts. We build mobile apps that run as fast as possible while minimizing costs.
Easy approval
You get a well-designed app, fully tested by our QA team before the official release to make it be easily approved for download and distribution on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Joinsoft Mobile Application Development Agency

Working Process

JoinSoft team help your innovative product hit the ground running by designing custom, fast and reliable mobile solutions.
You can hire a single developer or engage a dedicated team of developers working exclusively on your mobile application.
We start work only after we perform a complete project evaluation and assess your needs and possible gaps we have to fill.
We use cross-platform frameworks to build custom mobile apps for various industries including enterprise and starting up companies.

Why Choose Joinsoft Mobile App Development Firm

We are offering affordable, reliable and continuous service that covers all stages of the mobile application development lifecycle.
Project evaluation and preliminary analysis
Development of robust mobile app code
In-house mobile app testing and quality assurance
Mobile app performance monitoring after release
Ability to extend mobile app’s functionality

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