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We offer transparent pricing models based on flexible methods to collaborate.

Software Development Cost

Three Pricing Models

We are accustomed to working under any of these billing methods and will work with you to select the best pricing model for your particular project.
Fixed price
Project Development
Billing for
time & materials
Team/ Specialist
You can also select a combination of collaboration options. For instance, you may decide to have your website developed under a fixed price contract and still hire a dedicated web designer.
Y ou decide whether to pay a fixed price, cover time & materials or hire a dedicated team or specialist – we complete our project whatever your preferred choice is.
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How Our Software Project Pricing Models Work

Any of the available pricing models and collaboration methods offer advantages in different use case scenarios. Find the major attributes of each method and use case examples below:
Fixed Price Time & Materials Dedicated Team
Small or medium projects Medium and large projects Long-term projects
Detailed project requirements Desired outcome requirements Basic project requirements
Client has control over stage results Client has everyday control Client has nearly complete control
Price depends on estimated work
time + risks
Price does not cover risks but is based on work time spent Price depends on agreed monthly team payment
You can make changes only after the project completion You can change the requirements during the development phase You can change the requirements during the development phase


The fixed price method is most suitable for small- and medium-scale projects that take less than 6 months
to complete.
Before start you should have clear requirements and scope that will not change in the course
of the project completion.
You will have less control over the project as you can review only the final outcome
of a project’s milestone or sprint.
Fixed price projects are completed after detailed specifications are made and after the client is aware of what the final result should be.
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Our Team Experience

Benefit from the professional expertise of our software specialists who can develop your project from scratch or optimize your product for better performance and stability.
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Cost Of Software Development Calculator

    • Development Part
    • Duration
    • Specifications
    Design, user interface and user experience define an easy-to-use web application. We use the following languages and frameworks to make your web app user-friendly and appealing.
    Not all web applications are born equal and we use only leading languages and frameworks to develop the functional core of your web application.
    Our mobile app developers use only the leading frameworks and build your mobile app to run on the latest versions of the iOS and Android operating systems.
    Our developers have expert knowledge in a variety of platforms and developer’s tools for game development software.
    A web application goes blind without access to various corporate and third-party databases. We use leading database solutions to unlock the power of Big Data for your web applications
    SwiftJavaObjective-CXamarinReact NativeQA Engineer
    UnityUnreal EngineUI/UX DesignerQA Engineer


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Average Cost Of Software Development

    The type of software plays an important role in determining custom software development price. There are usually the number of screens, pages, or modules available in the software.The IT project cost depends on many factors. Conditionally, the following main parameters can be distinguished:

    1. Implementation complexity;
    2. Urgency of custom software development;
    3. Labor input in man-hours;
    4. The cost of subsequent software support.

    As a rule, the average software development price on the market ranges from $3000, in our case. Our online calculator will help you calculate software project cost.

    Benefits of Software Development Cost When Working with Joinsoft

    1. Working with us is a competitive advantage for our customers. (Technical support is possible in the coming months or on an ongoing basis);
    2. During the order execution you get weekly reports and we reply fast if any questions appear;
    3. For large projects that require re-engineering, we can offer free testing before starting work.
    4. For long-lasting projects, we can offer a 14-day test period of our work after signing the contract;
    5. We guarantee complete security of the customer’s intellectual property;
    6. We offer a wide technology stack;

    Payment depends on software project pricing models, a chosen methodology and way of collaboration. You can also calculate everything in our JoinSoft calculator.

    How to Calculate Software Project Cost

    The calculator takes into account various options. The IT development cost can include different variants of development, choosing a convenient tariff plan, comparing and picking up the option you need.

    1. In order to know about software project pricing, at the bottom of the page you can find the section “Software Development Cost Calculator”;
    2. Select the technologies you are interested in, duration and fill in the specifications form, then click the “Сalculate the quote” button;
    3. We analyze the requirements, contact you and discuss how your ideas can be effectively implemented;
    4. Next, we discuss the payment procedure, deadlines, and sign an agreement.
    5. Also you can contact us by clicking the “Start a project” button in the footer.

    Benefits of our Custom Software Development Cost Calculator

    1. Software development pricing models will help you quickly calculate the approximate cost of our services;
    2. You see our technology stack and you needn’t waste your time on requesting all the necessary information;
    3. IT project cost estimation helps you quickly contact us providing with all your expectations about the project;
    4. We will respond you fast after analysing all the requirements.