Custom Software Development Benefits

by Anna B.
by Anna B.
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16 Jun 2021
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The market of development tailored applications for businesses has reached an overall value of 389,86 billion USD. And it keeps on growing by 11,3% every year. All modern companies focus on processes automation as it makes managing and promoting easier and faster.

Once you have decided to use high-end technologies for upgrading your company’s work you have a choice of two: either to order custom software development or to buy an off-the-shelf option. What is better? Consider the pros and cons of custom software development to make the right decision!


Benefits of Custom Software Development



Benefits of Custom Software Development


Millions of business owners worldwide order customized apps because of the following advantages:

  • Individual approach that allows creating an application that meets all requirements.
  • High cost-effectiveness.
  • Guaranteed security.
  • Full compatibility with other services and technologies used for business management.
  • Easiness to work with.
  • Avoiding long-term risks.


Tailored solution

One of the most significant custom software development advantages is an individual approach. An application created especially for a particular business meets all the requirements and satisfies all the needs. It is impossible to find a ready-made tool that would perfectly combine all the features you need and not have any extra options.


When you order a customized app you get a guarantee that it will:

  • correspond to the peculiarities of your business processes;
  • have all the features for achieving the goals you have set;
  • be convenient and easy to use.

You will not have to deal with any extra features that only make an application more difficult to use.


High return on investment

Though it may seem that buying a ready-made tool is much cheaper, it may turn out to be not that cost-effective in the long term. A customized application is a better investment because you do not need to:

  • Buy any additional hardware.
  • Pay for extra features you are not going to use. This is one of the core benefits of custom software development for small business.
  • Update any licenses for additional payment or pay a monthly fee.
  • Buy a new tool if an old one is outdated or no longer supported by a developer.


Investing in building a custom app, a client gets:

  • a full range of features for the most effective achieving his goals;
  • constant availability without any additional or monthly charges;
  • an opportunity to improve an application when the business processes, needs, or requirements change.


Security concerns

One of the most essential custom software development benefits is that the app will be compliant with your company’s security standards. Just specify them in the requirements, and developers will embed the needed security options into a product.

Off-the-shelf systems do not guarantee 100% safety. They are well-known to hackers. Therefore, malware users can easily find ways to hack into your system using the vulnerabilities of a popular ready-made tool.



All tools and applications you use should be fully compatible with each other. This will help to avoid errors.

If you use several solutions at a time, it can be very difficult to find a ready-made option that would be compatible with all of them. But if you order customized software you may be sure that it will work properly together with all the other apps and systems you use.


Easiness to operate

Ready-made solutions usually have a huge range of features to be suitable for a wide audience. But most of them may be unnecessary for your particular case. A conglomeration of extra features makes an app more difficult to use. Thus, it will take more time and budget to teach employees to work with it. Moreover, the further usage of such a complicated application may cause difficulties and delays.

Ordering a tailored option helps to avoid such a problem. An application made especially for your company has only needed features without anything extra. All of them are easily accessible and convenient to use.


Avoiding long-term risks

Those who use ready-made solutions often face the following problems:

  • The most important features are no longer available in a new version of a tool.
  • A developer does not provide technical support anymore.
  • An app becomes outdated as a developer does not update it for a while.


Such force majeures can cause interruptions and delays in your work. And, of course, this will negatively affect profits. Moreover, in such cases, you will be forced to search for and buy a new solution. This will require additional time and costs that were not planned in advance.

You may not worry about such troubles if you use a tailor-made solution. It is available constantly without any unexpected changes in functioning. A developer usually provides high-quality post-go-live support. And you are free to order any updates and improvements as soon as you have new requirements, needs, or goals.



Disadvantages of Using Custom Software


Millions of entrepreneurs worldwide appreciate the benefits of custom software solutions. But some business owners still prefer off-the-shelf tools to tailor-made applications. The most common reasons for such a choice are the following disadvantages.


High investment

The final cost depends on your requirements and goals. If you manage a large project with peculiar processes you may need an advanced tool with a wide range of sophisticated features. Developing such a complex application may be more expensive than buying an off-the-shelf solution.

But this is a worthy investment as a tailor-made application corresponds to the peculiarities of your business better. Due to being fully compliant with your needs and requirements, it will be much more effective and easier to use. Thus, a higher price means higher quality and ROI.


Much time involved

As for ready-made tools, you can use one of them right after purchasing and installing. As for customized software, you need to wait for IT specialists to develop it. It may take from a month to even a year depending on the complexity of an ordered product.

Long waiting time is, of course, a significant disadvantage. However, custom app development has much more pros than cons. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a solution designed taking into account all requirements and needs, better go for a tailor-made application.

And if you cannot delay automating some business processes, you can use a ready-made tool as a temporary option while you are waiting for a better solution to be developed.



Advantages of Software Development by JoinSoft


Our company offers:

  • Individual approach. We analyze your business deeply and help you find the best automation solution.
  • Using high-end technologies. We choose a technology stack depending on requirements and implement all the needed features in the best possible way.
  • High expertise and rich experience. All professionals from our team have not less than 5 years of experience. They know how to realize even the most complex ideas using popular programming languages and frameworks, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and other up-to-date technologies.
  • Reasonable prices. The exact cost depends on the complexity of a project and the number and qualification of specialists engaged in its development.
  • Transparent working process. You can get weekly reports on the work done upon request. This will help you to make sure that there are no unjustified delays.



Final Thoughts About Pros And Cons of Custom Software


Here is a table for it to be more convenient to consider all advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of custom solutions


Advantages Disadvantages
Tailor-made solution: an app completely corresponds to all requirements and needs. Higher price: it is more expensive to order an advanced custom app than to buy an off-the-shelf option.
High cost-effectiveness: a tool meets your goals. Longer terms: you need to wait for developers to realize your idea.
Security assurance: developers take into account the security standards specified in the requirements.
Compatibility: an app works together with other tools you use for business processes automation without any errors.
Easiness to work with: there are no extra features, and the interface meets your needs and preferences.
Minimizing long-term risks: you may not worry about the stability as well as about the quality of technical support and an opportunity to improve the app when it is needed.


Custom solutions have more advantages than disadvantages. They are much more effective, safe, and convenient than ready-made options.

JoinSoft can help you to make business management faster, easier, and more effective by developing custom software that meets all your needs.



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