QA Software Testing Services

We provide Quality Assessment and Software Testing services at all stages of your application lifecycle: from requirements testing and bugs discovery to pre-release testing and testing during deployment.
Complete testing
We ensure the quality of your software by performing manual and automated QA testing as well as performance, functional, usability, compatibility and security testing.
We conduct QA assessment of software requirements and desired functionality even before your project starts to guarantee a smooth and efficient development process.
Attention to details
Our end-to-end testing services take into account the specifics of your software development project to employ and run the most suitable types of testing.

Joinsoft QA Testing Company Working Process

JoinSoft developers examine and help you refine your software requirements defining the key project points
We define conditions under which the software development process goes on and when further testing is required
Our team of developers creates testing checklists that materialize into test cases and test suites
Our QA team runs test cases and provides developers with detailed information on any bugs they find during the current testing cycle
We draft test summary reports with complete information about the testing results during each iteration
We refactor the code and document all changes software developers make to the software code

Methods and Tests We Use for QA Software Testing

performance testing
functional testing
usability testing
compatibility testing
security testing
Having a feasible QA assessment strategy and a software development plan enables our team to perform all kinds of software testing.
Once we release a stable version of your product, we are using end-user feedback and performance analysis to continuously enhance both UI and UX.

Test Automation Services by JoinSoft

Why Choose Our Testing and QA Services

We offer you taking advantage of the latest technologies in software testing and quality assurance
Our software engineers are testing web and mobile applications as well as desktop software across a variety of industry verticals, documenting every iteration.
Our individual approach to each project introduces Agile methodologies and metrics for a more productive software testing process.
We have a transparent workflow, produce regular reports and you are always in touch with our experts to know exactly how your project is progressing.

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